A lot of clients don’t know what questions to ask when going solar. We are here to help

One of the most common questions we receive on a near daily basis is: ‘What is the price of your solar systems?’ Which whilst this is a valid question, misses the mark on comparing quality, types of service, and system sizes. To help people navigate this opaque market we have decided to put together a guide, so no matter who you pick to go solar, you can be abit more sure in your choice!

Top things to keep in mind:

  1. What sized system do I need? This question changes quite drastically from house to house, there is an old myth that solar companies could decide this based on the number of bedrooms you had, however with the drastic difference is in people’s usage habits, working from home, and other lifestyle considerations you really need to make sure your consultant is asking you (and reading a bill) to see how many kws you use, and when you are mainly using them. This will determine the size of the system, the viability of batteries and so much more.
  2. What products do you use? A very good marker of a company’s integrity is the products they are willing to offer you without confrontation. IE are they throwing you off brand panels no one has ever heard of? Cheap inverters like Growwatt or Solis? If a company is willing to install these products it is likely they are very motivated by cutting costs. and this can usually translate to shortcuts in the installation, and other measures that may lead to issues down the line.
  3. How long have you been in business/who or what owns the business? Quite simply put, you dont need to know the director’s name or personal information, but it could prove useful to know when a company is Australian owned and operated, or operated from overseas as part of a pure money-making exercise. Yes all Companies exist to make money, but those run by people who want to help you and provide a service are almost always going to lead to a better experience

From here talking about price will make a lot more sense, once you know the different levels of experiences that exist within the market you will be much more able to tell what a good deal (for the right amount of money) actually is. we have spoken in previous posts about products and pricing so we wont touch that too much here