Quality solar & battery systems designed and installed by Australian Solar professionals.

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    Why choose us?

    Drawing upon a decade of expertise in electrical engineering and renewable energy, Certified Energy Group sets the gold standard in delivering cutting-edge solar systems and sustainable installations to discerning Australians. As a proudly 100% Australian-owned enterprise, we are driven by a team of seasoned electrical engineers and accredited service people.

    Solar Installation

    Quality solar systems designed and fitted by Australian industry professionals. We work Victoria wide! Contact us today!

    System Maintance

    For our customers, and those with pre-existing systems, we offer a range of maintenance and cleaning services and solutions.

      EV & Solar Batteries

      Do you have an existing system? Or are you wanting to install an EV charger in your home? Certified Energy is here to help!

      Warranty & Support

      We provide long-term support and workmanship warranties on all systems, batteries, and products we sell!

        Some of Our Best Sellers

        What makes you different?

        This is a question we love to answer. Certified Energy Group is an arm of Certified Electrical Group. A solar installer that has been in the industry for 8 years!

        We understand how each customer is different. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to make the move to solar energy.

        For this reason, we know you can’t just give the same system design to every household. We work directly with you and your situation to get your ideal solar outcome. We aim to put the trust back in solar. With a transparent and full end-to-end service.

        Solar for $0 down?

        One of our Unique selling points is a zero-money-down finance option. That allows you to take advantage solar now without having to cut into your current finances. Keep paying roughly what you are now, and have a brand new solar system paid off in just a couple of years! 

        How much should solar cost?

        You can check out our blog for a longer explanation on this. But this question is very hard to answer with a number. There are different levels of cost to a solar system.  A solar systems cost is dependent on its size, your home, your rebate eligibility and the types of products you’re looking into. Some basic rules of thumb are:

        1) If it sounds way to good to be true it probably is.

        2) You get what you pay for in regards to products and life-span. 

        3) The state of your electrical board may play a role in your total cost. Any good consultant should look at it before quoting you (this is one of the many reasons we prefer in person consultations.)

        4) When buying solar always ask about the installers. Your retailer is responsible for aftersales care and paperwork, but the installers used will dictate how well your system is installed. 

        We encourage you to fill out this form here, & speak to one of our experts to get an exact idea of the figures involved for your home! 


        Do solar systems need maintenance?

        Solar panels and inverters can go without any forms of electrical service for their entire lifespan! (although a test and tag never hurt anybody) The most maintenance that is generally required is a yearly clean, dependent on your area, and environmental factors. Solar systems are incredibly low maintenance in both cost and procedure. We also do offer a solar cleaning service starting at $13 dollars per panel!

        We are a qualified retailer, owned by Installers.

        We’re with you every step of the process

        Partners in your solar process

        My partner and I had our solar panels installed by this company and they were great to work with. They were upfront about everything and really helped guide us through what needed to be done.
        Andrew Kennedy
        Grouse blokes, easy to work with and do an excellent job!!
        Damon Mazzarella
        Very happy to get Solar Panels on my property. The sale consultant Niall was explaining everything clearly and very friendly answered all questions clearly. Tyson, Vi, Harmi and Jason were absolutely amazing worker's. The crew did an excellent job. Well done boys. Highly recommend
        Almudena Di Gregorio
        Amazing service , came and checked the roof for me when it was nothing to do with the solar installation. Same day! Just to help me out so I would know what was wrong. Great service and highly appreciated! Thanks
        Michelle Allan
        We always had our trepidation about solar but Niall was super professional, polite and knowledgeable. The install team where equally as good and did a very neat job.
        Matthew Curd
        Certified Energy Group were great value for money, very professional and installed my system in half a day. Niall made the sign up process very smooth and easy to follow. I highly recommend them if you’re considering solar for your home.
        Lydia Fry
        Very happy with the entire Process, Niall was a pleasure to work with and made the entire application process a breeze. System is working beautifully and couldn't ask for anything more. Highly Recommend
        Jack E
        Excellent Service. Professional very friendly, very neat and tidy. Would highly recommend.
        Jodie Kain
        Chenfu Li

        Certified Energy Group.

        We Have A Mission It Starts With You. 

        Our aim is to understand your needs. From the reasons why you want to go solar, to the structure of your roof and home. We dive deep into your energy bill usage to understand what system is going to maximise your savings.

        Our process is unique and offers our customers a trustworthy solar solution that will last a lifetime. We don’t just install solar, we build lifestyles.

        With extensive experience in solar batteries and EV chargers, it allows for us to provide you with a future-proof home solution for all your needs. Let us provide you with a convenience and savings for years to come.

        Take the next step for your future and move towards a better lifestyle today.

        "I spoke with a consultant from Certified. He explained everything about solar to me, our bills before solar were approaching $600 per quater, and our most recent bill was $4!! "


        Heather B


        "My Solar System was installed in about 6 hours, the guys installing it were nice, tidy and professional. Id reccomend Certified Energy to anyone!"



        Robert George

        "Good work! This is the example of getting what you pay for!"


        Robert G