Premium Range

Our Premium Range Includes:

Panels from Jinko, Sunpower, Qcell & more! Staring Inverters from the only Australian inverter manufacturer, Redback!

    Tesla Power Wall 2  6.6kw 8kw 12kw

    trina solar, Trina solar melbourne, Trina solar Victoria,

    Trina S +DUEL GLASS  415w 440w 475w


    Sun Power MAXEON  415w 440w 475w

    Jinko Tiger N-Type Half Cut  415w 440w 475w

    High Quality Euro Range

    Our Other High Quality Products Include:

    Other amazing inverters from Europe like Fronius, SMA and Fimer ABB, Along with panels like Trinas, RECs and so much more!

      Our Redback Range

      We are proud to be working with Redback!

      Redback is an Australian owned and opperated inverter and battery manufacturer. They offer a range of hybrid, standard and smart inverters ready for all households!

      Standard Smart inverter

      Battery Cabinets

      Hybrid Battery and Inverters